Buttes Pipe and Supply Company was formed in 1964 in Yuba City, California as the first distributor of plumbing and piping products in the area between Sacramento and Chico, California.

The company opened a branch office/warehouse in Chico in 1968 and in 1972, Center State Pipe & Supply Company was formed in Modesto, California. Four years later, in 1976, a Branch office/warehouse was opened in Stockton, California.

With the continued growth in California, a third company was formed in 1983 in Sacramento. This company is known as Buttes Pipe & Supply Company of Sacramento.

These three companies, Buttes Pipe & Supply Company, Center State Pipe & Supply Company, and Buttes Pipe & Supply Company of Sacramento, all work together to serve the Sacramento and San Joaquin Valleys from Redding, CA on the North to Merced, CA on the South.

For better trade recognition, the companies combined their names in 2002 to become Buttes/Center State Pipe & Supply Co. Buttes/Center State Pipe and Supply Co. became part of Hajoca Corporation in July of 2006.